Hi, my name is Kerry, and I am a travel addict.

I’m also a sun worshipping adventure seeker and travel blogger living in LA. Obsessed with the beach, music, tapas and everything the color turquoise.

Born and raised outside of New York City, I’ve also lived in Barcelona, Manhattan, Mykonos and Brooklyn before heading west to the sun-drenched day dream that is Los Angeles. , Yes, I’ve moved a lot, but I don’t believe life is meant to be lived in once place.

This blog is a collection of my photos, experiences and list guidesĀ  to transport you to destinations around the world.

My philosophy is simple. Travel, explore, and appreciate the world’s diversity from culture to language to spices – whether its your backyard or Bali. Be present and stay in the now.

Want a custom itinerary? Say hello at kerrylanded@gmail.com.

[ K E R R Y ]

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