My name is Kerry, and I am a travel addict. After quitting my job in New York City, doing some soul searching, and living on a Greek island, I’m now based in Brooklyn. Traveling the world is amazing, but not having a real home or job can be overwhelming and stressful, so I found a way to make my addiction, I mean passion, work for my personal and professional life. A travel content exec by day, and blogger by night, I use my OCD skills to obsessively research places I’m heading to for vacation, business trips and production shoots and love to share with others!

This blog is a collection of my photos, guides and ridiculous adventures to inspire and transport you to destinations around the world. You know, the things you can’t get from a postcard.

SO, travel, explore, and appreciate the world – whether its your backyard or Bali. Be present and stay in the now. See the colors, touch the architecture, hear the music, smell the ocean, taste the local spices. It wakes your soul up, makes you see the world differently, and encourages you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. My advice to you… talk to strangers. Drink champagne for breakfast. Dance on tables. Go on adventures. A lot of them. Let go, and feel inspired. I know I do ;).

Thanks for coming along for the ride.




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