Learn Greek 101

Don’t freak out. Honestly, if you are going to a main tourist area (i.e. Athens, the Greek Islands) everyone speaks English. You should still try to learn because Greeks love when you try, and more often than not will even give you a shot just for trying. Opa! JK. P.S. people, opa is only used if someone falls, trips, slips or drops something. It is not ‘cheers’, but I will teach you how to properly say ‘cheers’ below.

then milao ellinika [den mee-laow elle-ee-nee-ka]
I don’t speak Greek

geia su(s) [ya-sue, ya-sus]
hi, hi to more than two people

ti kaneis [tea-kaan-ees]
what’s up, how are you

ola kala [o-la kah-la]
all good
(p.s. this is the origin of ok)

gia mas [ya-mas]

eimai ______ [ee-may]
I’m  _____ (this is the shortest way to introduce yourself)

kalimera [kah-lee-mer-a]
good morning

kalispera [kah-lee-sper-ah]
good afternoon, good evening

kalinihta [kah-lee-knee-ta]

boro na eho to katalogo? [bo-ro nah ay-ho toe ka-ta-low-go]
can I have a menu?

kale orexi [ka-lay o-rex-hee]
bon appetite

pinao [pee-now]
I’m hungry

dipsao [deep-saow]
I’m thirsty

parakalo [par-ah-ka-lo]
please, your welcome

efharisto poli [ay-fa-ree-sto poe-lee]
thank you very much

nomoschedio, parakalo [no-mo-shed-eo par-ah-ka-lo]
check please

signomi [cig-no-me]
excuse me, sorry