Learn Greek Slang

malaka [mah-la-ka]
asshole, fuck (You will hear this everywhere, all the time)

oxi malakies [oh-hee mah-lah-keys]
no shit

en daxi [en dax-ee, en-tax-ee]
super confusing but no, this has absolutely nothing to do with a taxi, cab, or other form of transportation. It means alright, okay

nase kala [na-say ka-la]
be well, take care

oreo/orea [or-ay-o]
NOT America’s favorite cookie. This means nice or good.

gia sou koukla [yah-sue kook-la]
hello gorgeous/doll

pame ya poto [pah-me ya poe-toe]
let’s get drinks

pame volta [pah-me vol-tah]
let’s go for a walk

efaga porta [ay-fa-gah por-ta]
rejected; what you say to bouncers if they don’t let you in. This literally translated to ‘I ate the door.’ Ouch.

bum bum (pronounce just like it sounds)
hurry up, quickly

se agapo [say ah-ga-poe]
i love you

fige [fee-gay]
go away

skase arhidi keriola [skah-say ar-he-dee-ah kerry-ola]
shut up, asshole