Spanish Slang

Da puta madre [dah poo-ta mah-dre]
the shit, the coolest, the best
i.e. eso tienda es da puta madre (this store is the coolest)

dejeme en paz [day-hey-may en pa-s]
leave me in peace, leave me alone
Also my favorite dramatic lines by Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

bailamos [buy-lah-mos]
dance with me

come mierda [co-may me-air-da]
Literally means eat shit, but the essence is basically  f*** off

que papito [kay pah-pee-toe]
what a hottie

besame [bay-sah-me]
kiss me

dame un beso [dah-me oon beh-so]
give me a kiss

llamame [yah-mah-mae]
call me

hola guapa [o-la gwa-pa]
hello gorgeous

venga, vengaaaa [ven-gah]
come, come on

hostia [o-stee-ah]
shit, oh shit

ser un chulo [se-er un choo-low]
to have a tough attitude, to be a pimp

mientes mas que hablas [mee-an-tays ma-as kay ah-blas]
you lie more than you talk

venga, un besito, ciao” [ven-ga oon bay-see-to ch-ow]
The way beautiful Spanish women seem to say bye to each other. Must say with attitude and confidence.

quieres bailar conmigo [key-air-ace bi-lar cone-mee-go]
do you want to dance with me?

baila conmigo! [bi-la cone-mee-go]
dance with me! Don’t even give them the chance to say no.

puta [poo-ta]

tio [tea-o]
dude, bro, my man
i.e. vengggaaa tio, que tal tio? (come on dude!, what’s up dude?)

tia [tea-ah]
my girl, babe, member of your tribe


arriba, abajo, al centro, adentro ]ah-ree-ba, a-bah-ho, al cent-tro, a den-tro]
a more formal, proud cheers if you want to impress a Spanish person or with a group of close friends