Learn Italian Slang

Che figata [keh fee-gah-tah]
that’s cool

Saluti [sah-loo-ti]

Basta [bah-st-ah]
enough! that’s it!
Note: Never say this when someone is pouring you wine. Because.. Italy, duh.

Che palle! [keh pal-leh]
what balls! what a pain in the ass

Figurati! [fee-guh-rah-tee]
don’t worry about it! It’s nothing

Mi fa cagare! [mee fah cah-gah-reh]
it’s awful, I dont like it. Translated literally, it means makes me poop.

Meno male! [meh-noh mah-leh]
thank god

Dai! [dahyee]
come on

Magari! [mah-gahr-ee!]
I wish, i hope!

Come dio comanda [ko-may dee-oh ko-man-da]
as it’s supposed to be, like god commands

Ricco sfondato [ree-ko suh-fon-dah-toe]
rich person.. rolling in the dough. Not to be confused with Rico Suave

Guastafesta [goo-ah-sta-fes-ta]
a debbie downer