Travel Apps & Sites

I’m constantly searching for the latest travel trends, so I keep a running list of apps & sites that find the cheapest flights, unique places to stay, make packing simpler and more. Check out my list below:


  • Momondo  cheapest airfare aggregate
  • eDreams  finds cheap fares, deals and hotel bookings
  • JustFly finds cheap fares, deals and hotel bookings
  • SkyPicker discovers hidden & cheap flights and discover new destinations with our cutting-edge flight search and interactive map
  • SkyScanner searches engine for flights, car rentals and hotel bookings
  • Hopper app for cheap flights. Timely notifications that keep track of airfares and tell you when to book.
  • Fareness an open ended flight and hotel search for flexible travelers. Think: I’ll have a ticket to anywhere please.
  • Scott Keyes aka “man who flies the world for free” has a newsletter that sends out crazy cheap flights, fare mistakes and deals.


  • Airbnb a creative, often cheaper alternative lodging solution to hotels where you can sleep anywhere from someone’s appointment to a sailboat to a tree house.
  • Nightswapping a touch of Airbnb with the swipe format of Tinder. Sift through a catalog of apartments you could swap yours for, and then swipe left (or right) if it is a good fit for you.
  • Hotel Tonight app and website that aggregates extra hotel inventory and book last minute (~3 days in advance to same day).
  • Travel Mob an Airbnb-like alternative that specializes in matching travelers in Asia Pacific with hosts renting out their villas and apartments for short- and long-term rentals.
  • One Fine Stay Airbnb for rich people… think lofts, penthouses, entire villas. Niiiice.


  • Numbeo estimates travel costs based on country’s cost of living, restaurants, etc.
  • Budget Tracker tracks purchases against set budget while you’re on the road or abroad.
  • Qapital saves money before you go by putting $ from your checking into a hidden account in another bank. Set rules for yourself (i.e. Starbucks every OTHER day) and watch as qapital moves the funds you would have carelessly spent (on a latte) into your travel fund.


  • TripIt builds out a daily itinerary for you so you don’t have to track all of your transportation and plans.
  • BonJournal a minimalist travel journal.. a blank space for you to document your notes and memories.
  • TravelZoo budget hunters glory  that hunts & gathers up deals and discounts available nearby and then plots them on a Google Map with clickable icons.


  • PackPoint creates a detailed packing list based on destination, activities and time of year.


  • Foodspotting searches and shares recommended dishes and restaurants.


  • WifiMap similar to GoogleMaps, but avoids expensive data charges when wifi isn’t available.


  • Nomad List everything you need to know if you want to be an ex-pat or work nomad style.