Not Your Basic Bitch Guide To Miami

Sure you can dance on tables, walk down Ocean Drive with a larger than life margarita and get sun burned, but wouldn’t you rather kick things up a notch and get the most out of your trip? I thought so. Here are some of my favorite activities to do when I’m craving a bit more adventure.


Uber is everywhere in Miami and is so cheap it feels like it’s free. Please use Uber when drinking (let’s be responsible, people). Buttttt, it’s nowhere near as fun or cool as renting bad ass bikes or even a moped to cruise around the city in.



You will get your fix for techo and reggaeton without even trying. It’s all you hear in the clubs and blasting out of peoples car windows. Butttttt, get a taste and feel the rhythm of the real music and latin dance scene at Ball & Chain. It is an iconic nightclub brought back from the dead errr from the 1930s -1950s that’s an up and coming a live-music venue with Cuban-style food & drink. It’s located in Little Havana, so you know it’s real.

Ball and Chain


If it’s raining or the sun is winning the epic battle for the perfect tan, explore Downtown Miami starting with the Perez Art Museum. I mentioned this place before because both the exhibitions inside and the Hanging Garden exterior are equally impressive.



One of my favorite adventure starting from Miami was taking a road trip over the Overseas Highway  to Key West. This 127 mile drive allows you to visit all of the keys in one day. Rent a convertible so you don’t miss out on any rays, and make as many pit stops along the way as your heart desires. There are tons of cute and quite frankly weird shops to pass by, endless strange lawn decor, beaches and places to swim right off the highway. This was actually on my bucket list, so I felt even more accomplished and less basic with every mile.



Even if you are not into cars, the Walt Grace Vintage store is a fun, alternative outing. Walk around and see amazing old sports and luxury cars in tip top condition as well as a wall of vintage guitars that’s an epic insta.

Walt Vintage Cars

Bye, bye basic. If you want to take it to the next level, be sure to learn a few Spanish phrases and slang to blend in with the locals.

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