Landed in Amsterdam

One day, she woke up and thought “I think I’ll go to Amsterdam.”

That’s the amazing thing about Europe – you can just pick up and go to another country for the weekend, even an evening! Scrolling through old photos inspired me to finally write a post or two on my visit(s) to Amsterdam. The first time I visited was during the last few weeks of my time in Mykonos, Greece in October and the second was between a (planned) layover to Paris to meet up with a friend.

After so much time in the sun and living the island life, I wanted to experience something completely new and different, and I figured Amsterdam would be a fun culture shock in Northern Europe. I’m a fan of solo travel, and was  very excited to explore another city on my own.

If ever a story to convince you that you should research before you go (even a little bit), after one quick Google hit, I happily discovered that the Amsterdam Dance Event was happening the week I was there, so I immediately purchased a ticket to the main event (i.e. Armin VanBuren, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, NERVO, among many others.


I remember laughing to myself throughout the whole boarding process and flight because it was so painfully obvious that I was a tourist (I normally have a knack for blending in). On either side of me stood Dutch businessman in freshly pressed gray and blue suits, brief cases in the right hand, checking the time with the left, patiently waiting in line one after the other. My skin was about 4 shades darker than my fellow passengers (thanks, Mykonos),  I was one of few females, and the only one wearing a leather jacket and looking admittedly less than polished. I went from a sun-drenched beach bum amid ancient ruins to a funky, yet sophisticated city that’s a real life playground for adults. And it was amazing. I’ll be back every chance I get.

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