Landed in Mykonos

Sun and champagne drenched by day, glamorous, painted faces by night. Everyone is bronzed and glowing, dressed in white, zooming around on scooters and ATVs on the narrow winding roads.
The iconic windmills stand tall and proud like silent guardians watching the crazy scenes unfold. On the island, the beaches are breathtaking, the parties go to sunrise, and the water feels so smooth on your skin it’s like swimming in olive oil.


After living here on and off and twice a year visits,  the island doesn’t look its magic or charm. There’s another beach to discover, a new boutique that opened, and another cultural/religious event I get to witness (Easter is amazing), and of course celebrity sightings and town gossip.

I get a lot of questions and the occasion ‘that’s crazy’ look when I say I quit my job and lived in Greece for part of the summer. While the rest of the country dances along the ancient steps of financial ruin, here on the island, life goes on in ignorant bliss, unaffected by the outside world.

Welcome to paradise.


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