The Ultimate Beach Guide To Mykonos

So many beaches, so little time. With over 30 beaches to choose from and each one offering something unique and different, I’ve broken down a few of my favorites by lifestyle to help you decide where to go to touch those turquoise waters. So, are you a nature lover, party animal, boho beach bum, adventure junkie, jetsetter, or mainstream?


Nature lovers can rejoice at the private and seemingly untouched surroundings of these remote and abandoned beaches throughout the island.


Agios Sostis

Go back in time and visit Agios Sostis. Compared to the other developed beaches on the island, Agios Sostis is completely untouched with no beach beds, music or waiters. Kiki Taverna is the only place to eat with just a thatched roof and wooden chairs overlooking the sea. It’s about as authentic Greek as it gets.


Houlakia is the romantic abandoned beach you dream about discovering. The beach has a little bit of everything in two sections – one stretch with large multi-colored pebbles and the other a small sandy area with a cove. The beauty of Houlakia is protected, so visitors are invited to swim only in the small cove area.



Kapari is one of the more popular secluded beaches due to its close proximity to town. The beach is a hidden gem – peaceful, quiet, and perfect for serious sun worshippers as there are no shady areas and nudism is welcome. Looking at you, birthday suit. With its golden sand and crystal clear waters, Kapari may be the best kept secret in Mykonos. For now.


Fokos is a place to enjoy natural beauty in complete peace. A beautiful beach with incredible soft sand located after the second dam of Mykonos. Fokos Beach has a unique landscape compared to other beaches on Mykonos and the other Cycladic islands. Protected from the winds with hills on either side, this beach is so far from the crowds, some travelers will pass by on horseback. Pack your own towels, food and fun as it is just you and Fokos.


Party People – listen up! Welcome to Paradise AND Super Paradise. As the sun comes up, there are dozens of tropical drinks to be drunk-en, and unlimited music mixed from internationally renowned DJ’s. Who needs a beach bed when you can dance on a table?


Super Paradise

Super Paradise is well, super, and the most iconic beach on the island. If you are trying to decide whether to go to Paradise or Super Paradise beach (#paradiseproblems), and you don’t have time for both, go Super or go home! It has softer sand and the water is the clear turquoise color you dream about.

There is always a raging beach party at Super Paradise Club. In my opinion, it has everything, and rightfully earns its Super Paradise name.

TIP: Venture over to Jackie O’s Super Paradise Bar and Order a drink. You’ll see the best views of the area and eavesdrop on the latest gossip from all the pretty boys. Ladies, for faster service, tell your man order your drink 😉

Best  Super Paradise Beach Clubs: Super Paradise Club, Pinky’s

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is home to ‘Mykonos Sexiest Beach Party’ at Tropicana Beach Club and the crazy beautiful ‘Guapaloca’ parties. Recently voted the Best Beach Bar by The Travel Channel, Tropicana truly is a party oasis. Soak up the sun and cool, creative cocktails. Let go of all your inhibitions with its high energy atmosphere, music, dancers, endless shots, and of course, Sasa, your host, who makes sure EVERYONE is living their Tropicana experience to the fullest. Tropicana = Cancun Spring Break in Mykonos. Oh, by the way, Sasa just wears a sock or male thong over his, um, sasa.

At Guapaloca, ‘nothing says summer like an epic beach party.’ This beach bar is always bumping day or night so get ready for a crazy beautiful time. The daily events include the ‘Twerk It Bitch Party” with Jefferson Luiz starting at 4PM and the legendary Body Paint Party at 10PM. Trust me, you will have FOMO when you see pictures or people with body paint walking through town later. There is free entry  at the bar, or be fancy and book yourself a table in advance. Whatever you do, don’t miss the happy hour. Let the party begin.


Back before the hotels sprang up and the beaches were crowded, Mykonos was a boho hotspot even in the 60’s. Despite the number of travelers who flock to the island every year, there remains a few boho beach havens where time stopped and you can feel barefoot chic and free.


 Scorpios (Paraga Beach)

Come to the ultimate ‘agora,’ or gathering place on Paraga Beach and surround yourself with minimalist boho, yet luxurious design that blends seamlessly into the beauty of the island. Scorpios goes beyond a fancy beach lounge – it feels like you are at an open party at an old friend’s villa. With its full concept and open atmosphere, the good vibes and energy flow in and out of the House. Mix and mingle everywhere and anywhere from drinks in the shade, to the open-air restaurant where the smells of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine float through the air to the sand.

Take a moment to lounge in a sun bed under the natural, wooden structures. Sunset Rituals begin at 18:30 (6:30 pm) each day transforming from a day oasis to spiritual night celebrations. Look out for their weekly events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the biggest- Sneaky Sundays.  There is free entry, but space fills up fast, so arrive earlier to avoid waiting in line. Located on the right side of Paraga Beach, and accessible by public bus, car, and of course a place to park your helicopter.

Alemagou (Ftelia Beach)

Peace, love, and Alemagou. Alemagou is an inspirational, bohemian, and laid back lounge on Ftelia Beach. Alemagou creates a unique, boho haven scene unlike the rest of the island. Bring your ‘surfer attitude’ and relax in its minimalist, boho decor that has everything and anything you really you need – the beach, a comfy chic beach bed, and of course, incredible food and drinks. The Aegeo Pelagos restaurant serves healthy, authentic foods native to the Aegean Sea its named after. Alemagou is THE all day, all night barefoot luxury destination. Located at the right side of Ftelia Beach. Accessible by car and motorbike.


For those of you who can’t sit still on a beach all day and want to get out there and fly above the waves, Mykonos has beaches for you, too.



With its perfect location nestled in the concave Korfos Bay, the area has the ideal kitesurfing conditions thanks to the stable North wind locals call “meltemi.” Beginners can take lessons and practice in the shallow waters with expert staff, while the advanced riders can fly off into the clear turquoise waters with plenty of space for aerial tricks. If friends or family members would rather stay on land (their loss!), Ornos Beach is just a 5 minute walk away. Think small beach town vibes and comfy beach beds. Kite Mykonos is one of the best companies and strategically located at Korfos Beach.  This area is accessible by car, motorbike and public bus.


Dive into ancient history during your stay on the island. Explore beautiful, colorful reefs and fish in the Aegean Sea but also take a look into the past. Discover ship wrecks, canons and rock walls. The water is so clear here that there is visibility up to 30-40 meters and you see the “Anna II” shipwreck just 10 minutes from the shore. The divers will point out  nearby reefs and well preserved artifacts. Diving lessons are available for all levels. For those who prefer to explore above the sea, there are also boat trips to the nearby islands of Delos, Rhenia, and Dragonisi as well as Glassbottom Boat Tours. Kalafatis Dive Center is located at Kalafatis Beach.



Nammos |Psarou Beach

Nammos is one of the most famous beach bars and restaurants in Mykonos, and for good reason.  It is THE destination for international jetsetters and celebrities alike. With plush & pricey sun beds, incredible cuisine and service, it also has champagne list that goes up to 120,000€ a bottle. Welcome to the definition of luxury. Located on the right side of Psarou Beach, it is accessible by foot, car, and new this year, by helicopter. Because, Mykonos. 

For those of you who are more gypsy than gypset (I feel you), Psarou Beach also has another perfectly good beach club & cafe just past Nammos with a simple beach bar and lounge chairs for rent that are under 20 euro. There is no shame in laying on your own beach towel and then treating yourself to a drink at the Nammos bar. I do it all the time.

Monarch | Kalo Livadi Beach

Indulge, indulge, indulge. Monarch is a unique and sinful party carefully crafted for those who enjoy the finer things in every aspect of their beach lounge experience. With the best in class international chefs boasting a Michelin star, everything from the cocktails to cuisine and napkins exudes luxury. Lounge on your choice of regular sun beds, opium beds and cabanas and sip champagne, because you want to, and you deserve it. You can find Monarch on the left side of Kalo Livadi + Platis Gialos Beach. Accessible by car and public bus.


Too many options, not sure where you fit in? Don’t worry, there are a handful of beaches that offer a little bit of everything.  Paraga, Platis Gialos and Ornos all offer beautiful views, upbeat music, and delicious food & drinks.
Platis Gialos USE

Platis Gialos

A super family-friendly beach, this area is both affordable and spacious with numerous options for restaurants that all have beach beds along the big stretch of sand. My favorite spot on Platis Gialos in Notos Beach Restaurant by Mykonos Palace Hotel. The restaurant section is simple, yet beautiful decorated with draped bougainvillea that makes a frame of the view of the sea. They also have some of the best pizza on the whole island. Wash it down with a glass of red sangria.


Protected by wind, Ornos Beach is a popular beach hotspot because of its close proximity to town. Not only is it super accessible, but there are significant number of hotels and restaurants lined up one after the other along the sand. Its small fishing harbor on the far left hand side is also the home to many private yachts and boat tour departures. The area of Ornos also has its own tourist village complete with small bars, cafes, a grocery store and shops along the way.

Like I said, there is something for everyone, and plenty of beaches to explore. Remember, you can always beach hop and knock 2-3 off your list in one day.


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