A Taste of Mykonos

Get a taste of Mykonos and eat as much Greek salad (Horiatiki) as you can – it will never taste as good as it does when you are here. It is the perfect go to starter when you don’t know what to order. Below are some of the best places to get a taste of Mykonos.


Hippie Fish is a ‘Greek chic’ spot that sits on Agio Ioannis (St. John Beach) where you feel like you are floating above the water – because you are. It is also one of the lesser known spots to see the sunset, but equally as gorgeous. The seafood is delicious and the wines are refreshing. Some of my favorite dishes are the Mykonian salad and the shrimp & saffron risotto dish.

TIP: Ask for a box of matches when you leave. The packaging is adorable and makes for a nice memento.



Enjoy the simple things in life, like eating savory calamari and french fries with your toes in the sand. This is the Tasos Taverna experience – fresh seafood and staring off into the turquoise waters of Paraga Beach. This popular, yet not overcrowded beach, has several white wooden tables and chairs right dug into the sand with nearby beach beds shaded by thatched umbrellas in case you want to have a quick swim between courses.



Spilia is one of Mykonos’ most charming hidden gems. It is a Mediterranean restaurant & cocktail bar on Agia Anna designed for fine dining and fish connoisseurs. Named after its unique location, guests dine in a cave on the right side of the beach tucked away from public view for the ideal balance of luxury and privacy.

Enjoy incredible seafood cuisine straight from the sea with a live lobster and sea urchin tank, as well as countless other dishes from freshly grilled fish, mussels, clams, shrimp and crayfish in your choice of red sauce or white wine. and of course, lobster pasta and seafood paella.


Trio Bambini

Save room for dessert! Trio Bambini is the ultimate guilty pleasure spot fulfilling every sweet tooth fantasy. Open 24 hours during the peak summer months, this place makes larger than life crepes right in front of you, changes gelato flavors twice a day, and decorates waffles (and double waffle sandwiches) to perfection. Situated in an amazing location in Chora, Trio Bambini is a short walk from the bus station (Fabrica), the windmills and Little Venice.


Kale orexi! Bon appetite!

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