The Party Guide to Mykonos


Welcome to Mykonos, where the island’s beverage of choice is champagne, and LOTS of it. They come for the beaches, they come for the scenery, and most importantly, they come for the party. Start sipping cocktails early in the afternoon and then it’s one party to the next all the way to the nightclubs that go hard past sunrise.




Tropicana aka the ‘sexiest’ beach party in Mykonos. Recently voted the Best Beach Bar by The Travel Channel, Tropicana truly is a party animal oasis. Soak up the sun, shots and cocktails and get crazy in this high energy atmosphere of loud music, half naked dancers, and Sasa, your mostly naked host who walks around in a man thong and makes sure EVERYONE is living their Tropicana experience to the fullest.



At Guapaloca, ‘nothing says summer like an epic beach party.’ This beach bar is always bumping day or night so get ready for a crazy beautiful time. Get your twerk on at the ‘Twerk It Bitch Party” with Jefferson Luiz. Starting at 4PM,  listen to the sounds of latin house, EDM, R&B, trap and of course, twerk. If you prefer to wait until the sun goes down to party, don’t worry, there is the legendary Body Paint Party at 10PM. Sigh, the opportunities are endless.There is free entry dance on the bar, or if you’re fancy and you know it, book a table in advance. Whatever you do, don’t miss the happy hour. The party begins here at Paradise Beach.

Super Paradise Club


Beach. Party. Sleep. Repeat. Welcome to the Super Paradise Club, more commonly known and self-branded as ‘the most sinful paradise.’ A haven for the eclectic and for the people who just want to have fun, this beach club is full of ravers, jetsetters, models and everyone in between. You will literally have no idea who you are dancing next to or where they come from, and that’s the fun! Dance on top of tables and then ‘take a break’ with a cocktail in the shade. Enjoy the vibe and the wild ride. Super Paradise = Party. Oh, and Super Paradise is nude tolerant, so clothing can be optional.


Cavo Paradiso
Cavo Paradiso
Photo by LifeThinkTravel

The legendary open air club – Cavo Paradiso Mykonos – is THE place to experience the best electronic music in Mykonos. Cavo Paradiso is awarded top spots on the annual top international club lists, earning its reputation since its opening in 1993. The numbers and hips don’t lie, Cavo Paradiso has hosted 223 artists and 1,826 events for the past 23 summers. This club brings in the biggest names year after year like Steve Aoki, Alesso, Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, Nicky Romero, Fatboy Slim, and beyond. Designed to feel like you are dancing among the natural elements, Cavo Paradiso’s location on top of a hill overlooking a cliff adds to the dramatic effect. See the sunrise from the horizon and party past the early hours in the morning.

Paradise Club


I know, it gets confusing when everything is named Paradise (#paradiseproblems). Paradise Club is one of the biggest nightclubs in Mykonos and known throughout Europe for its infamous reputation, intoxicating drinks and overall insane experience within its walls. Paradise Club attracts some of the biggest mainstream international DJs: Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand, as well as incredible resident Greek and international DJs. During the peak of the summer months (July & August), it is back to back every night with these headliners. It is truly a partygoer’s paradise with three stages, an exclusive VIP area, a swimming pool and a main deck. Because you can’t party in paradise without a swimming pool at the club.

Photo by Void Facebook

Void filled in the gap where Space was. Ha. Welcome to the biggest new club on the scene in town. Originally home to Space, Void was created by a team of people who wanted to make something ‘truly indigenous and real in nightlife… something that not only blends in Mykonos but IS actually Mykonian’ unlike the other imposters. Fill the void and your champagne glasses and get ready to party the night away.


Moni Club


At Moni Club  you are ‘more than family.’ It is a nightclub destination inspired by the idea to have a club for friends and the ‘regulars.’ Inspired by the single church nearby that stands alone in contrast to the others on the island, Moni is a club that stands out from the rest. An intimate setting and simple, refined décor, Moni is like walking into your friends’ private villa party. Feel at home and dance until sunrise to the headlining and up and coming DJs Moni Club welcomes into its doors.

Scandinavian Bar
Photo by TripAdvisor

When all else falls, go to Scandinavian Bar. Three rooms, three bars, one club = one epic party. You do the math, or don’t, and take another shot. Leading the nightlife scene on Mykonos since 1973, Scandanavian Bar earns its reputation with its non-stop party area – literally, it has it’s own street. Follow the sounds of the bass and cheers of partygoers that can be heard from several streets away. Disclaimer: Very much a ‘college/university’ scene, so if you are older or feel like you are part of a ‘more mature, cultured audience’ don’t go here.

Photo by Mykonos Life

Astra, which means ‘star’ in Greek, lives up to its name in both its history and clientele. Founded in 1987, its style and design is unique – the ceiling is a fiber-optic model of the northern Hemisphere night sky that twinkles in unision with the heavy beats of the DJ. Another part of Astra’s charm is its ability to attract a diverse and eclectic crowd. Astra’s reputation has welcomed the likes of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, The Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards, Dolce & Gabanna, supermodel Karolina Kurkova, Monaco royality and more. Dance under the stars with the stars at Astra.

Photo by Remezzo Facebook

‘Good people go to heaven… the finest go to Remezzo.’  Remezzo was historically a legendary Mykonian style bar that became the meeting point of international jetsetters. True to its roots, it has reopened in the summer of 2016 as a lounge associated with a place in St. Tropez. Feeling fancy? Choose carefully among list of champagne sparkling wines, and signature cocktails like ‘Le Fizz’ and ‘Frozen Waves.’

Jackie O
Jackie O Interior
Photo by Jackie O’ Mykonos

Jackie O is an iconic nightlife hotspot in Mykonos. With its stylish interior décor, it’s no wonder this has become THE gay hotspot to let loose, mingle and dance on the tables. Great vibes, strong cocktails, amazing music and sound quality. No night out in the town is incomplete without a stop at Jackie O. Later in the evening, stay and be entertained with the famous drag show. Jackie O would ever disappoint you.

Rock & Roll
Rock & Roll
Photo by

Let the good times roll. Rock & Roll is of the most popular, you guessed it, ‘Rock & Roll’ bars on the island. Expanded from Athens, this bar rebels against a sea of all of the other bars playing house and techno and owns it. This is THE hotspot for those who love old hard rock music. The party gets started around 1:30am, when beautiful and eccentric people collide in a ‘good vibes only’ atmosphere. Rock & Roll has amazing cocktails, sound and shots. Lots of shots. I know, it’s only Rock & Roll, but you’ll like it.

Semeli Bar
Semeli Final
Photo by Semeli

Semeli is always a good idea and has been an island favorite since 2005. It has an amazing location just before Little Venice and its endless cocktails create an all day-and all night party destination. The open air and multi-level lounge creates a modern club experience  with an energetic flow of people that move in and out of the doors leading to Little Venice. Look down and you’ll see a colorfully lit floor. Look up and see the DJ and hookah smoke.

Greek Nightlife

If you’re thinking go Greek or go home, then the following places are definitely for you. They are a celebration of the Greek culture and their love of partying, and as you might expect, run and full of Greeks.

4711 4
Photo by

The most authentic Greek nightlife experience you can get. One of the hottest clubs in Athens, 4711 expanded to Mykonos and has lured well known celebrities, businessmen and artists to its scene. With its bohemian décor and aesthetic, the night becomes alive with live shows performed by Dionysis Schinas, Kostas Lainas and DJ Andre. The crowds are loud and passionate and not afraid to get close to each other. One minute you are taking shots, the next you are throwing baskets of flowers through the air at people nearby and on stage.




One of the most popular Mykonian style bars, Scarpa is intimate, sexy and has an amazing sound system that pumps house music through Little Venice. You will understand immediately why it’s a local favorite year after year. Their menu has endless cocktail varieties to satisfy everyone. Located right in the heart of Little Venice, dance and sway with the waves, but look out for the small waves that may splash during the early morning hours.

Mykonos Bar

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.21.16 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.20.22 PM
Photo by Mykonos Bar

A new arrival in the 2016 season, Mykonos Bar turns up the ‘original Greek fun.’ This bar combines the traditional Greek culture and dance with the partying spirit of the Greeks. Dance your heart out , and then take a break to watch a live traditional Greek dance right in front of you. Celebrate and be a part of the island’s original nightlife history. It’s the best of both worlds.

Ya mas! Cheers!!

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