Cruise to Koufonisia & Paros

Charge your camera, pack your most glamorous sunglasses and get ready for a sun-drenched day sailing along Greece’s Cyclades Islands

Set down your anchor in a small cove with crystal clear turquoise water. Jump off to snorkel, swim and float in the Aegean Sea. Or, stay on board, sip champagne and sunbath. With only one small house far off in the distance, it’s just you, the sun, the water and a sail boat passing by.

On the island Paros, explore the narrow, winding streets with bougainvillea over your head providing shade and pop in to a few boutiques. Ask a few locals for the best places to eat on the water. Wander to the beautiful beaches or visit Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the church of 100 doors. Rumor has it no one has it only 99 doors have ever been found.

And in true jetsetter fashion, sail back just in time for an epic sunset. #yachtlife


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