24 Hours in Naxos

Naxos, Greece


Naxos …. a beautiful Greek island known for its large size, agriculture and beaches. Naxos has a relaxed, laid back vibe and feels incredibly authentic – in fact, it’s likely what you imagine when you think of a Greek island.

Some people actually walk around barefoot, it’s very safe, and most importantly, the island isn’t of overrun by tourists. In Naxos, time slows down and everyone is very friendly, making it a popular European family vacation spot (especially popular among French and Germans). Naxos is only 30 minutes away from Mykonos by ferry, which made it the perfect 24 hour getaway.

They say Naxos is too large to see in one day, so I made a list of everything I wanted to see and do. Beaches, obviously, were top on my list. Naxos is known for its pristine beaches, and for good reason, especially in comparison with the pebbly, rocky beaches of the other neighboring islands. Lucky for me and other travelers, the best beaches are all located one right after the other on the western coast 20 minutes from town.

Also top of my list –  visiting as many of the ancient ruins scattered throughout the island in 24 hours. Greek scavenger hunt challenge – accepted.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge
  • La Portara/Temple of Apollo
  • Temple of Dionysis
  • Temple of Demeter
  • Agia Anna Beach
  • Agia Prokopios Beach
  • Plaka Beach
  • Mikri Vigla Beach
  • Old Town
  • Kastro
  • Zas Mountain
  • Tower of Agia


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